July 2020

Fox had the opportunity  to take part of Innovation Martlesham’s podcast series with its Director, Nicky Daniels.  We discussed the origins of Fox Robotics , as well as its current plans, ideals as well as thoughts for our future. 

In this podcast Nicky talks with Eric Warner, Chairman of Fox Robotics Limited – a British robotics company that has developed robots, not to replace people, but to support them by eliminating routine tasks, such as transporting goods and material around the business.

Nicky starts by asking Eric to explain what inspired Henry Acevedo, Founder and CEO, to set up the company in 2017 and what makes the robots, known as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), distinctive and secure from cyber-attacks.  Nicky picks up on the diversity of use and Eric is pleased to outline the company’s next steps into the agricultural sector.

In the final part of the conversation Eric tells Nicky about the company’s expansion plans and highlights the capabilities for moving towards areas such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels and perhaps aerospace and the military – and over a wider geographic spread”

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November 2019

Location: Bristol

Bot-Talks was a premium conference and networking event based in Bristol. Think TedTalks, but on robotics. Bot-Talks was aimed to help provide SMEs with a best-in-class overview of robotics and automation with presentations from leading industry experts, a world-leading panel discussion and a networking hall filled with exciting robot demonstrations; all in the heart of Bristol City Centre.

Fox Robotics was invited to take part in this event, as we are considered experts in our robotics automation field.  Attending from Fox Robotics: Henry Acevedo, Ben Butlin, Eric Warner, James Stedman and James Horn. This event allowed us to share with  other industries in robotics information about our advances and projections.

Have a look at Ben Butlin’s robotics interview with the BotHive team on YouTube

October 2019

EXPO at Innovation Martlesham
Location: Adastral Park

We were invited by Innovation Martlesham to present our Robot at the  annual EXPO of all the start up businesses in the IM incubator.  This event, attended by senior management of BT plc as well as  employees interested in robotics and automation.  The event was attended by Henry Acevedo, our CEO/CTO, Ben Butlin our COO, and Eric Warner, our Chairman

The EXPO at Adastral Park enabled many of the companies within Innovation Martlesham (IM) to showcase technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Operational Transformation, Customer Experience & Cyber Defence and were able to give an indication on potential solutions that may support many of BT and other organisations’ ongoing technical strategies.

Howard Watson, CEO of Technology said “Innovation Martlesham is home to an important set of our IT partners. And partners are going to be crucial for BT going forward

“It’s great to showcase how innovative our technology ecosystem is on site and how pivotal the cluster is to the region”- Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park & Research Realisation Director,

Nicky Daniels, Head of Innovation Martlesham, is delighted with the success of event. “With a range of technologies, companies and people – Innovation Martlesham is the go to destination for all sorts of tech solutions to business challenges

August 2019

Location: Malmesbury                                                       

We had the pleasure to meet the Realtime Despatch team in July/ August, where we exchanged several ideas on how warehousing could change with the use of automation and software. Below is the article from Realtime Despatch, based on the rapid increase of automation and robots in warehouses. 

‘The growth of automation and robotics, spurred on by steadily rising staff costs, is a matter of growing interest across the warehousing and fulfilment sector. A recent Logistics Manager article reported that analysts forecast more than four million robots will be installed in over 50,000 warehouses by 2025, up from just 4,000 warehouses in 2018.

It’s important for Realtime Despatch to keep an eye on what might happen in our sector over the next few years, which is why MD Charlie Armor recently met with the Fox Robotics team to exchange ideas on how robots might be used in B2C fulfilment environments.

Fox Robotics, based in Camberley, Surrey, is a start-up developing an innovative family of autonomous mobile robots for use in a number of sectors including warehousing and logistics. The company reached out to Realtime Despatch to see if the team there would be interested in an informal collaboration, where the two businesses could share their specialist knowledge and experience as a way to support their customers’ future needs.

“Our meeting provided a great introduction into an area that will clearly become increasingly relevant to our customers in the next decade,” says Charlie. “The Fox team gave us a really useful insight into what is possible and how robot devices can interact with warehouse staff and allow them to work more effectively. In turn, we tried to highlight the practical challenges and needs of a fast moving B2C operation.”

We were hugely impressed by Realtime Despatch’s in-depth knowledge of the world of 3PLs and B2C fulfilment,” continues Henry Acevedo, Fox Robotics’ CEO/CTO. “The OrderFlow platform has clearly brought customers great improvements: increasing picking rates, freeing space and lowering costs. Charlie and his team were very welcoming and open to exploring with us how autonomous mobile robots could potentially offer further benefits. We were hugely encouraged to have met a partner we can work with in this way.” 

After this successful first meeting, both companies have been keen to progress with this mutually beneficial exercise and arranged for Fox Robotics and Realtime Despatch technical teams to get together to discuss ways in which the two environments might integrate with one another.’